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We are all princesses! [entries|friends|calendar]
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When Will My Life Begin? Music Video [04 Jul 2014|10:36pm]


Hello Everyone! I’ve just finished a race-bent/semi-cosplay music for Tangled and I’d be so grateful if you'd tell me your thoughts! I had so much fun making this video that I've decided to continue with this Racebent Disney Princess Music Video Series. Hopefully, people enjoy it!
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Princess Cakes [15 Aug 2007|07:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Anyone see this cake challenge on the food netwotk the other day?? If not I found clips of it...I'm really dissapointed in the Belle cake..Where are her arms? the Jasmine.. her legs are toothpicks?? Snow White was pretty good and Cinderella and Ariel were so so. tell me whatcha thinks?


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Alice in wonderland icons [10 Apr 2007|02:13pm]

{85 Alice in Wonderland Icons}

in a world of my own...

(I hope Alice counts as a disney princess! :D)

x-posting to all the disney comms, sorry Flists! :P
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[04 Feb 2007|09:03pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi! This is my first post up here. I found a lot of cool princess pics and icons today and decided to put some in here. Hope you like them!

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Disney Party [22 Oct 2006|08:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Wanted to share a really cool night I had at Disney..

Wow was last night a trip down memory lane...I got to play Belle in the park again like I did over 10 years ago...So many memories and such as the evening progressed, made me remember the good times I had at Disney playing Belle..I had such a blast taking pics with kids and such and taking somewhat good shots on my stupid camera that sucks at taking night shots..Thanks to my best buds, nikki, teressa, and nancy with there cameras, between the 4 of us we got some good shots...The night was so crazy, first the event was sold out so it was crazy, SO many people, and with that we got crap for candy,(I HATE AIR HEADS) man last year I had so much candy I didnt know what to do with it all, actually I brought it into Michaels and gave it out on Halloween there...But the night went by so fast...Met up with other friends Elena, Julie and Jamie although we parted ways and did our seperate things, which was a bummer but we all wanted to do different things...Our group pretty much photo whored all over Disney and I was having fun with the other characters and talking with kids and guests and portraying the part once again pretty much..I had one cast member come up to me and say..Hey are you PikeBelleChu, I'm like HUH> then shes like I love all your stuff, you are so awesome and so on, I'm like thankies but I dont deserve that much credit...But man I cant go nowhere without being known..But anyways my best part of the night was a comment I will never forget and it was from Cruella De Ville, when I got a pic with her, I go up and shes like Oh Hey Belle you going to read me a story...I'm like sure, then she sees the title on my book.." A Pikachu Tale,,,See you know I had to have something pokemon represented on me..LOL...then she goes ah you are going to read me a story about a little hamster..OMG I LOL'd so hard, since I'm a Ham Ham lover and she comes out with that..So priceless...It was fun having fun with other fellow characters as well..Jafar even stole my book...Had to snap at him in character to get it back..So funny...So much fun but it ended too soon, We got back to our hotel around 2 am, had pizza and all crashed, Sunday we went to Downtown Disney, traded some pins with sharks..LOL..went to see Nightmare in 3d..(which wasnt in the 3d you think it would be..) then I took my buds back to epcot..and soon after I got stopped by the police..LOL..yes Belle did an illegal U-Turn cause she missed I-4 and got pulled over...But I got off with a warning...(o`_^o)..He was a cool cop..so that was my weekend and below is the crazyness..My camera sucks so sory bout the crappy pics..I hope to have nikki's, teressa's and nancy's pics soon as well..Till then Enjoy..(o~_^o)

I'm actualyl going back again this Thursday night but as Esmeralda though..My boyfriend has a fetish for her so I promised him i'd take pics of me as her in the park...(o~_^o)

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